Family Spirit

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The Salesian charism encourages a family spirit. Wherever Salesians go, we are known for having a special talent for making others feel at ease in our presence. For the Salesian Sisters the call to manifest the love of God to the young meets its fruition in our particular feminine expression of “Salesianity”.

Taking it upon ourselves to seek out the young in every situation, we make it our joy to share in even the simplest activities of life with others. Through the respect, sincere interest, and cheerfulness which we radiate in our lives, we are able to draw the young to God, who is the source of every good thing.

Don Bosco wanted everyone to feel at ease at the Oratory. As we continue the Salesian tradition of the family spirit, we invite you to come for a visit to experience it for yourself, just click on the “Contact Us” tab and drop Sister Colleen a line.

Our Institute “is a living part of the Salesian Family which throughout history relives in different ways the spirit and mission of Don Bosco thus expressing it perennial adaptability. As successor of Don Bosco the Rector Major of the Society of St. Francis de Sales is its animator and centre of unity” (FMA Constitutions, Article 3).


With the Salesians of Don Bosco and the Salesian Cooperators we make up the three founding groups of the Salesian Family. We were founded directly through the intervention of St John Bosco and as such we are responsible for animating and sharing the Salesian spirituality with others. It is our joyous responsibility to be examples of Salesianity to others.

Unlike other religious families in the church, ours has remained united through the Rector Major, Don Bosco’s successor. We always work closely with one another in our ministries and where one group is, the others usually follow to help tend to the harvest given to us by Christ.

All in all there are over 20 groups that make up the Salesian family with a total of over 400,000 members, with another 26 groups seeking admittance. No wonder Don Bosco once said that being a Salesian would one day become synonymous with being a faithful Christian!