Top 10 Things You Should Know About Us

Top 10 Things You Should Know About Us!

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  1. "SALESIAN" St. John Bosco chose this title because he desired that his Priests, Brothers, and Sisters would imitate the kind and gentle ways of St. Francis de Sales.
  2. FOUNDERS. St. Mary Mazzarello worked with St. John Bosco (Don Bosco) and founded the Salesian Sisters in 1872. Today, our congregation numbers more than 13,000 Sisters in 94 countries.
  3. MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS.  Don Bosco said, "Our Lady wants us to honor her under the title Mary, Help of Christians. Times are so bad that we need Our Lady to help us to be faithful and defend our beliefs." This title for the Blessed Mother dates back to 1571 and Pope Pius V.
  4. F.M.A. Our initials represent our official title in Latin: FILIAE MARIAE AUXILIUM CHRISTIANORUM.  In English, DAUGHTERS OF MARY HELP OF CHRISTIANS is the formal name of the Salesian Sisters.
  5. WORLDWIDE.  The Salesian Sisters throughout the world are separated into provinces, based on language and/or nation, for organizational purposes.  In North America, we belong to two provinces, the East and the West. We are in the Eastern Province, known as St. Joseph Province.  Our schools, youth centers, retreat center, camps, and convents are located in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Louisiana in the United States, and in Montréal, Cornwall and Toronto in Canada.  In other parts of the world, our Sisters have Universities, medical clinics, orphanages, resident schools and many different types of work in favor of the young and the poor.
  6. MISSION. The mission of the Salesian Family is to educate young people, especially the poor.  The motto of our congregation is: Da Mihi Animas Caetera Tolle!, which means: "Give me souls... Take away the rest!
  7. VOCATIONS. We thank God that our community is still growing here in the US, as well as throughout the world, with almost 700 novices worldwide!
  8. SALESIAN COOPERATORS. Salesian Cooperators are lay people who work with us to bring the Salesian spirit to their families and work place. Volunteers of Don Bosco are lay women with vows who carry the Salesian spirit into the world.  The Salesian Sisters are one part of a very large Salesian Family Tree, which Don Bosco began with the Brothers and Priests.
  9. FAMILY SPIRIT. An atmosphere of warmth and love permeates our Salesian houses, schools, youth center, campus ministries, retreat center, and summer camps.  Don Bosco called this way of living the Family Spirit.  We are a welcoming, extended family!
  10. ADOPT A SISTER. This was developed as a fund raiser with a personal touch and spiritual dimension.  The  program pairs Sisters and lay people in a prayer-friendship and provides income for the Sisters and their various needs.